Lady Gaga to the Rescue!

Honestly, I love everything about Lady Gaga, except her music. But the news that she will become Polaroid’s new “creative director and inventor of specialty products,” just seals the deal. Polaroid stopped making their instant film last year, much to the upset of many photographers. While there are still stock rooms filled with the stuff around the country, instant film shooters are nonetheless on a short wick. But now that Lady Gaga has taken over, well, I think things are going to be looking up. As she says, her idea is “to keep the iconic nature of Polaroid and instant film but bring it into, what is now, a digital era for cameras and to bring back the lifestyle of taking photos… How can we bridge what is so tangible about the instant film Polaroid camera with what is so immediate about the digital camera.”

3 Comments on “Lady Gaga to the Rescue!

  1.  by  Tyler Jordan

    This is interesting. Lady Gaga can no doubt create a lot of hype. She's also quite a fashion designer, provided wearing bird's nest on your face is your gig, but creative director of Polaroid? I'm not sure I see how the two come together. Does she even wield a camera?

  2.  by  Ben Bertucci

    The greatest thing about her is that she is an unrelenting advocate for arts and culture. Of course it's easy for newscasters and the like to pigeon-hole her as a pop star with a weird hat. But her greatest talent is being able to see and create great art. It's no mistake that she has everyone's attention. And Polaroid has really made a great move in bringing her on.

  3.  by  Bernice Franklin

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