Struggle to Live – The Fight Against TB

James Nachtwey
has been documenting the effects of tuberculosis for many years. This essay, hosted at Burn Magazine, is an amazing 10-minute slideshow narrated by the photographer. Nachtwey says:

“Despite the fact that tuberculosis afflicts a huge number of people it’s not on the radar screen in terms of public awareness. Normal tuberculosis, if diagnosed and treated diligently, is very inexpensive and doesn’t take very long to cure. But if normal TB is not treated, it mutates and becomes 100 times more expensive, requires a two-year cure and a long stay in the hospital, which many of those infected cannot afford. The thought of XDR getting out of control is truly frightening.”

Also worth noting, the piece, which is the first sponsored essay featured at Burn, is what editor David Alan Harvey has said will be “revolutionary for Burn and the industry and perhaps serve as a model for future online sponsorship for photographers.” Harvey says this has been his goal all along, to use the work of iconic photographers like Nachtwey as the pry bar to open the door for emerging photographers. As Harvey says, “this is happening. Now.”

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